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Kelli AllenJun 14, 2024

Won't allow me to track prices or look at hotels. Says I must change currency but shows no where and can't find anywhere to do that. Useless.

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Developer | Yard.DeveloperJun 17, 2024

Thank you very much for taking your time to leave a review about your experiance. You have to change the curency not on the extension, but on the website you using to search for hotels. Also, you can click on the extension and report a bug, so we will get required information to fix the bug :)

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Merunas LankelisJun 14, 2024

Reliable and fast

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Malcolm McLeanFeb 15, 2024

No help at all. Got almost exactly the same prices with and without RatePunk on both and, and it kept changing the dates I entered. Also, with RatePunk I don't collect rewards like I do on

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Developer | Yard.DeveloperFeb 15, 2024

Hi! Sorry to hear! We appreciate that you spent this time to write a review! We do not change hotel prices; we show what they are but on different OTA`s, locations, etc. Unfortunately, that means we don`t guarantee that you will find a saving, but you will always be sure that you are paying the best price :) So it is okay if you prefer, but it never hurts to check if somewhere else the exact hotel is cheaper :) Anyways, talking about the changing dates - could you report a bug via extension or drop it as an email to It will be beneficial for us to find a problem and solve it. Unfortunately, the information you provided here is insufficient to make any fixes and improvements. Thanks!

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Andrea SzilagyiFeb 12, 2024

I just booked my holiday and saved 40 EUR plus did not have to pay 50% far in advance like on Costa Brava here we come :)

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Miss ClickJan 15, 2024

for anyone who books hotels often, I suggest trying RatePunk. It's easy to use, effective, and has been a game-changer in finding hotel deals for me. I've been using it for six months, and so far it's not only useful (loving airbnb price negotiation and VPN suggestion) but has also helped me save money on every booking. 10/10

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Dino KatherineJan 2, 2024

No answer in support after hotel messaged they can't host us, but also they couldn't cancel the reservation from their end.

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Developer | Yard.DeveloperFeb 13, 2024

Hi! We apologize for any inconvenience you experienced regarding your reservation. We understand your frustration with the situation. However, we would like to clarify that your reservation was made for a non-refundable room, as indicated at the time of booking. Regarding the issue with pets, we regret that the hotel couldn't accommodate your furry friend. We always recommend confirming pet policies with the hotel before booking to ensure clarity. We apologize for any confusion or delay in communication regarding your cancellation request. Please know that we strive to provide the best customer service possible and will consider your feedback to improve our processes in the future. If you have any further questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team via We appreciate your understanding and hope to have the opportunity to serve you better in the future.

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Roni ShilopDec 31, 2023

Caution: This extension engages in misleading URL manipulation and inaccurate price displays. Key concerns: URL Tampering: The extension automatically modifies URLs upon website visits, including Expedia. This suggests an attempt to generate revenue without user consent or interaction. Misleading Pricing: The extension's displayed prices frequently diverge from actual costs due to incorrect tax calculations and inconsistencies. Recommendations: Immediate Uninstallation: Strongly advise use... Show more

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Developer | Yard.DeveloperJan 2, 2024

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention, we want our users to have the best experience while using the extension, and we find our user feedback very valuable. We understand that the automatic modification of URLs can seem concerning. The reason this happens is because we offer cashback for our users, and to do so - we activate our affiliate. When you install the extension - you can choose whether you want to receive cashback on your hotel booking or not. Users who opt in will see our affiliate code inserted in their links so we can collect commission, which we then pass on to our user, so they can save even more on their future hotel bookings. The tricky thing with affiliate codes is that sometimes they result in a price increase for the user. In this case, we again change the link to remove the affiliate code, so the user doesn’t end up paying more than they have to. In terms of misleading pricing: we apologize for any discrepancies in pricing that you have encountered. Our team is working to address any issues related to tax calculations and inconsistencies in price displays, so we can improve our extension and provide a better experience for our users. We respect your decision to uninstall the extension, however we would like to reiterate that users have complete control over their browsing experience. As always, we are happy to discuss and issues our users come across, if you have any questions, or would like to discuss your concerns in more detail, please feel free to reach out to our support team.

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Justinas AlbertynasDec 30, 2023

Great service!

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Rasa PetuchDec 29, 2023

Absolutely loving RatePunk! It's a game-changer for my travels. Every time I plan a trip, it helps me snag the best hotel deals without any hassle. I already saved $1000+ this year, thank you!

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Andreas (tuexss)Dec 20, 2023

While it does what promises, I discovered that the site hijacks URLs to inject their own affiliate codes, apparently, without telling the users. I don't want to know how much money they make from unsuspecting users. Chrome Web Store should enforce full transparency on such behavior, who knows what are urls they redirect secretly?

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Developer | Yard.DeveloperDec 22, 2023

Hi! Thank you for your time and feedback :) It is an excellent opportunity for us to clear things up. First, I want to mention that the term "URL hijacking" is used when someone is redirected to malicious sites, and we redirect users only to legit OTA websites where our users can save money on their bookings. Moreover, as our terms and conditions say, we change URLs to add our affiliate because if you use our free service, we have a right to earn money to maintain it. As you probably know, affiliate earnings are low, and we earn only a tiny percentage of the value of your reservation. It is essential to mention that the price for the user does not change - OTA shares their commissions with us. And if it does, we check prices and remove affiliates, and we add the "removed affiliates" mark and how much you can save. Another cool thing that we do with our affiliate earnings - we pass them back to the user as cashback after a completed hotel stay. We see this as our way of giving back to the users, and helping them save even more on hotels. Anyway, thank you for the opportunity to become a little more transparent, and feel free to ask us questions via as we’d love a chance to clear things up before seeing negative reviews on the service, which is free for the user & helps save them money.

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