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RJ Rose (Starfirekori)

Jul 15, 2024


It keeps telling me to sign in-and when I try to check info it says I'm not signed in -- and it isnotshowing any ofthe$$ I've earned. Please help

Vickie Mills

Jul 10, 2024

change of email

I had an on-going account at Rakuten on a different email account. I haven't had my account activated for quite a while. How do I get my information with Rakuten brought up to date?

Debbie Latta

Jun 20, 2024

Something wrong with activation

I have the rakuten extention installed, and it's always worked in the past. However, three times I have not received the notice of cash back after activating it on a web site. Twice on Temu, and once on Harry and David. It pops up as it should when I'm on the site, I click activate, it looks fine, but then when I check out, I don't get the notice that cash back is on the way. I'm feeling a bit cheated.

Adrienne Fornwald

Jun 10, 2024

Chrome will not let me add extension

it says I need to updated chrome to add the extension, but when I go to update chrome it says it IS up to date.

Kevin Cekot

Jun 9, 2024

Rakuten website and foxfire extension not working

I can no longer login to Rakuten website from Firefox. I click on "My account" and try to login and it says "Oops. There was a problem. Please refresh page and try again." I can't even submit this request. I had to login using chrome. I am using the latest version of Firefox. 126.0.1


May 31, 2024

Rakuten not activating anymore

Rakuten pops up and lets me click it, but it is not activating.

Brittany Wilk

May 29, 2024

Wont Install

Ive updated my Chrome broswer and im still unable to install the extension on my computer. It just sits there and cirlces and circles and circles and not installing.

Yavuz Keskin (harezmi)

May 19, 2024

website blocking

you must have a one button "ignore this webpage forever" just like remind me later because it is extremely inconvenient and annoying to add the websites to the ignored list manually. Just because of that I am removing the extension.

Tom Fort

May 14, 2024


how do i use rakuten to take advantage of deals to get money off?

Monica VanMeter

Apr 12, 2024

AD Blocker problem in Chrome

In the past 2-3 months I have noticed that I cannot access Rakuten for ai get an Ad Blocker message. "Your ad blocker is working too hard!" I have checked the setting but can't find where Rakuten is being blocked. It only happens in Chrome and it was only recently this issue started.

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