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Leïla Lessard

Jul 13, 2023


Je veux me désinscrire. Je ne reconnais aucun magasin mentionné dans votre offre.

Linda Clark

Mar 19, 2023

cash back with Tim Hortons

I apparently could have received $10 by cheque or PayPal but your site is very involved & I never saw how to do that. What do you suggest?

Jerry Hiebert

Dec 22, 2022

delete my profile

I want to delete my profile, no place
here to do this,

z k

Sep 29, 2022

how to add?

there is no button or anything to add this thing

Mariah Grove

Jun 11, 2022

Where is my referrel link please

Cannot find my refferel link

Henry Raud

Jun 11, 2022

Not showing in Google search results

Cash back shows in search results for Bing, but not in Google. It used to show up, but not any more. Is there an update coming that fixes this problem?

Nicola Iacobazzi

Nov 21, 2021

Missed discount

Nov 19 missed my 10 percent

Nicola Iacobazzi

Nov 21, 2021

Didn't recive my discount

On my order from tsc the 10 percent discount it's not showing

Mable Lean

Sep 12, 2021

button won't install

i click add to chrome and it says checking but then doesn't add??

Janine Ryan

Aug 26, 2020

no button

cant install button

Google apps