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You asked. we listened! Since our release of Quotes of God, we at Code for Christ has been hard at work to release an update of our…

You asked. we listened! Since our release of Quotes of God, we at Code for Christ has been hard at work to release an update of our Quotes of God app. Now with plenty of categories to choose from, find quality quotes to share with friends and family! Our Team will taking input about this update! Please contact us if there are quotes that you think should be in there! Our goal is to create the best app with the community in mind! Keep your eyes out for our soon to be released Bible app, complete with similar modern design and intuitive functionality. Features: ✝ Beautiful home screen widget with a new quote every day! ✝ Share function for sharing with others on Facebook, Twitter, Text Message, and more! ✝ Random Quotes from all passages and books, not just the most popular! ✝ Read aloud button, have your Android device read bible quotes to you! ✝ Widget feature for displaying quotes directly on your homescreen. Christians all over the world are jumping into the vast world of technology, but most Christian friendly apps look like they were designed in the Dark Ages. Step into the Modern world with our first app geared towards the modern Christian. The Quotes of God app provides a modern makeover for your daily inspiration. Get to know the Bible one random quote at a time. From the KJV Bible, our app gives you more than just the most quoted passages like other quote apps do; we pull quotes from all bible passages. Everyone lives in a fast-paced world and not everyone can take time to read the Bible, but with our app one can supplement and quickly refresh themselves on passages while on the go. Find More Info: Got questions? Suggestions on how we can improve YOUR experience? Email us at codeforchrist@gmail.com Want to find out the story behind Code For Christ? Come and stay a while at Codeforchrist.org Looking for a good quote? Bored? Say hi on Twitter at @codeforchrist

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