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Kwok hung Leung

Aug 11, 2023

Does not work!!!

Installed on several browsers and no popups come on when in ebay website!!

Elena MK

Oct 10, 2022

install + bonus

I install several times and I don't see any difference, plus I didn't receive the quidco bonus. This means it is not working. I also made a transaction and I don't see % in quidco. This is ok.

may bea

Sep 12, 2022

extension download

doesn't work - I've tried multiple times :(

Henry H.

Aug 25, 2022

Quidco extension not working

I've installed it but nothing happens when I go on a Quidco partner's site. No cashback reminder, no pop up, nothing. The home tab and the grey tab are permanently greyed out, whatever the web site I'm on.

Stephen Waters

Aug 25, 2022

doesnt work on ebay uk (either in search or the pop-over)

doesnt work on ebay uk (either in search or the pop-over)


Jul 29, 2020

Console errors caused by Quidco Chrome extension on a website which uses CSR security

Buggy code which causes problems and errors on websites that use CSP security. There's something in the way Quidco try to load fonts, which causes CSP errors in the console. Very frustrating for web developers. Will have to uninstall. Error shown here: Quidco developers! To test this, go to something like and open the Developer Console with Quidco Extension installed on Chrome. Observe the font errors.

Kam Samji

Jun 30, 2020

Keep Getting the "Upgrade to Improved Cashback..." pop up

Hi. On both, Chrome and Edge, I keep getting the pop up on the bottom right to tell me to upgrade to the "Improved Cashback...", but when i click this it just takes to to the Extensions store which tells me I already have the extension installed (which i already know!) This has been happening for a few months now

Regen-James Gregg

Mar 22, 2020

Search result icon covers results

Hello. I'm having a persistent problem where in search results your logo and discount offers for a site covers the title of the result making both impossible to read.

Colin Reynolds

Feb 8, 2020

Exception List

Hi Quidco,
Is it possible to add an exception list for specific websites to this extension? My employer offers cashback via Quidco but whenever I go to any internal company site, because it uses the same domain I'm constantly being asked to enable cashback. I know I can create a list of sites I allow, but is it possible to add the opposite, sites that are exceptions?
Thanks so much :)

jess blackstone

Dec 1, 2019

Daily upgrade popup

Having the same issue as the others - daily pop ups reminding me to upgrade despite having upgraded.

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