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Clemens Ratte-Polle

Jan 21, 2022

Video pop out also in YT search?

is it possible also to put Videos into the floating layer during Youtube Video searches?

Riaz Ali

Jun 4, 2021

please add Dates

- fantastic addon... but, I noticed for some reason the video date is missing from the Quickview popup. Specifically, I'm talking about the date that appears next to the view count under a video. I often open Quickview, then have to close it to see the date under the popup, then re-open Quickview.
- I also noticed that from what I can tell, Quickview was meant to show comments... would it be possible to tweak the code so comments work?

Dr. House

Jan 14, 2021

stopped working today

I don't know if this addon is still being maintained, but today every youtube video I hover over opens, the video hangs, then the error message appears, example: "An error occurred. Please try again later. (Playback ID: -txANJv6uDFaMQb2)
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James Davis

Sep 1, 2020

Delay setting does not work?

Changed from default to a few higher settings and it remains at default and does not delay start on hover.

Rayhan Islam

May 24, 2020


Relax Music Cafe'


Aug 13, 2019

Please, add functions to put comment and like/dislike on the appearing window.

Amazing job!

Andre Gomes

Oct 29, 2017


It is not working after youtube layout upddate

Oliver Stahl

May 24, 2017

Cut-off comments

Dear Zhi An Ng,

thanks for this great extension, it makes youtube much greater for me.

Especially that it also displays the comments next to the video.

There's one problem though:
longer comments (more than 6 rows) get cut off and there is no way to scroll down or extend them.

Do you see a way to improve this?

I'd be glad to send a small donation, tool.


A Chrome Web Store user

Jul 19, 2016


hello Zhi An Ng, firstly I'd like to say this is a great app, nice work on this!

If I may suggest,It would be great if there was some kind of safety feature option, like shift + click to open the quick view YouTube. Because I find myself always accidentally opening YouTube videos and it's really inconvenient.

Also, if there was a way to make the video/ quick view smaller that would be great also because it takes a lot of the space on the screen and you don't have much space to browse through your subscriptions to look for other videos while watching your quick view video.

And perhaps you can show the amount of likes and dislikes as well as views. because quite frequently I use the likes and dislikes to determine if the video is worth it to watch or not

anyhow, thanks!

Elvio Sakamoto

Jul 6, 2016

video speed

hi, any chance u could add an option to change the default video speed? i use another extension for that but it doesnt work on quickview

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