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Simply type 'b {keyword}' in omnibox to open bookmark in current tab.

A extension to open bookmark with keyword in omnibox like what you did in Firefox. Simply type 'b {keyword}' to open the bookmark in current tab. - Simply type 'b {keyword}' to open bookmark in current tab. - Type anything to search your bookmarks. - Just press 'Enter' to open the first one in the list. - Fully compatible with SiteLauncher's keyword. - Bookmarklet is supported transparently. NOTE: It is recommended to setup a keyword to enjoy the full convenience brought to you by Quickmarks. To set keyword, append [{keyword}] your bookmark title. For example, change 'Facebook' to 'Facebook [b]' will assign keyword b to Facebook. Just type 'b f' in omnibox to open Facebook. Option page to configure keywords will be coming soon. For any bug reports or feature request, please add to my project at google code, http://code.google.com/p/quick-marks/issues/list Please enjoy. NOTE: v0.4 has improved bookmarklet support by using content scripting. You do not need to enable popup anymore. NOTE: Quickmarks might be broken in dev channel. If that happens, please try to delete your profile and try again. Sorry for the inconvenience.

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