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Paul Gregory

Jan 24, 2024

Switch instantly not working on Saved Tab Groups

Switch instantly between the two most recent tabs works fine on regular tab groups, but if tab groups are marked as Saved, Switch instantly between the two most recent tabs can only switch between tabs not in any saved group. I hope there's a way around this!

Bond Sun

Apr 3, 2023

longer list please and please allow list closed tabs at top. Thanks.


Anoir Ben Tanfous

Mar 11, 2023



I would like to suggest a new feature, which consist of a bar under the search where it is possible to pin tabs and see them as just icons (inside tiny rounded-box icon) and maybe have a feature to fill it will the top visited tabs (or those who have that name)... this will allow even faster switching without having to type anything or scrolling.

FW Extensions

Aug 31, 2019

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Aug 26, 2019

ctrl tab Navigation in CHROM on MAC

First want to clear what the following means:
Note that with either option, you’ll obviously lose the ctrltab and ctrlshifttab keyboard shortcuts to move the next or previous tab within the current window.

Does this mean that Ctrl Tab that switches apps w/in MAC works OR DOES NOT work

It says to do this in Developers Tool:
Copy this block of code:

extensionId: "ldlghkoiihaelfnggonhjnfiabmaficg",
commandName: "1-previous-tab",
keybinding: "Ctrl+Tab"
extensionId: "ldlghkoiihaelfnggonhjnfiabmaficg",
commandName: "2-next-tab",
keybinding: "Ctrl+Shift+Tab"

AND THEN TO REVERSE: If you later change your mind and want to remove these shortcuts, just go back into the Keyboard shortcuts screen and click the delete button next to the shortcuts, or change them to something else.

Is that all you have to do - and do nothing else in Dev Tools?

Gilad Barnea

May 21, 2019

QuicKey icon flashes when switching tabs. Any way to disable it?


Since I switch tabs frequently, this can get quite annoying.
Is there any way to disable it?


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