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Darren Evans

Mar 15, 2023

Expose control to allow choice of tab size?

Greetings Tomi.

Thanks for this great tool. I see the tab size is likely hard coded to 4 yes? It would be great for the extension to expose a control to allow the user to set their tab size preference for the Beautifier? I find this is especially handy for those of us with only one monitor when viewing code editor on one side of window and the browser on the other and horizontal space is limited. I always have tab size to 2 to avoid unnecessary horizontal scrolling when viewing source code in both editor and when viewing HTML source in a browser.


Darren Evans - Manchester, UK


Jan 18, 2021

Please add support Brave browser

Thanks a lot

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 28, 2019

You can put shell shokers?

The teachers desactivated the play and the the play is stop, you can activated?

Monte Shaffer

Mar 22, 2018


Your scrollbar (up/down) and your scrollbar (left/right) are not independent. I have to scroll all the way down, to then be able to scroll left or right. I would consider that a bug.


Dec 15, 2017

Unable to view <script type="application/ld+json">

Inline <script type="application/ld+json"> are not displaying on the left menu, making it impossible to view them at all, because in the original HTML source they are truncated.

Zemer Avital

Dec 15, 2016

Goto line

Something i really need in my use case (debugging my one page app with a huge js file) - a possibilty to enter a line number and scroll to it, instead of doing it manually.


Effie Makri

Oct 26, 2016

When clicking on the extension

Error: Access is denied to chrome:// and Chrome Store pages

Marryam Khan

Jul 26, 2016

Not working with latest update

"Error: Access is denied to chrome:// and Chrome Store pages"

Shane Coe

Jul 17, 2016


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Дмитрий Вишницкий

Jun 23, 2016


How to view IFrame content?

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