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Joe Dooley

May 22, 2016

Include Option to Open Tabs as Pinned

I'm really impressed with the app. I'm a developer and i'm always trying to save on keystrokes especially within Chrome. I was hoping you would consider adding a feature where you can open the tabs as pinned.

This would save us a lot of mouse clicks at the end of the day. For instance i'm always using the 'Close tabs to the right' feature to get rid of a bunch of tabs. I find myself pinning important tabs that are always in use and closing everything to the right when i'm done with what was needed.

Here is a screenshot in case i'm not being clear. I understand it's not as simple as it looks but perhaps an options page or an in app checkbox similar to 'open on load'.

Thanks for the amazing app. I'd be willing to make a donation to make this feature happen too!

Zak Oz

Mar 29, 2016


Is there any way my saves can be bookmarked or otherwise ubiquitous across all my Chrome devices?

Love Fabillar

Jan 8, 2016

Support for Chrome extension URLs

I would like to suggest allowing chrome-extension:// URLs in the APP? Once implemented, this would be the perfect tool for doing what it does.

That said, I love the convenience & simple organization that your APP provides.

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