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Jared Sandliuzza

Jul 9, 2023


Why do I continuously have to keep logging into the app? I would like to just have to login once and have quick access to the interface. It is a nice app, so I hope we can get it to work. I am running it on Brave Browser if that may have something to do with it.

Bronte King-Levine

Mar 2, 2023

Task Times

Hello! Currently the extension does not allow you to see or add specific times for tasks. So even if I put a time associated with a task on Google Calendar, it does not show up through this extension.

PWA. ist

Oct 29, 2022

Color of Date in Dark Mode

Please change the color of the Date in Dark Mode Version. In my Browser (vivaldi) is has a bad color contrast an is difficult to read. Thank you!


Jun 6, 2022

Unable to sign-in

Hi, Can this work on vivaldi browser? I am unable to sign in to Google account, when I press the sign-in button nothing happens

Andre Rangel

May 16, 2022

Sign in with Google Does Nothing

I am using the latest verison of edge. When i click on "Sign in with Google" nothing happens. I have checked to see if there are other windows/prompts that appear, nothing. I have opened a new window and no luck.

VRChat Archives

Apr 8, 2022

dark mode

2022 and it still using light mode

Austin Kallungal

Nov 16, 2021

Clicking "Sign in with Google" does nothing

Title. Just can't sign in so I can't really use the extension.

Alex Ruimy

Feb 27, 2021

Shortcut key

Nice extension, really smooth and reactive. Could you please add shortcut keys to toggle the extension and the Add a Task dialog? Thanks!


Nov 11, 2020

sign in

issue with sign in

Nicholas Abram

Mar 30, 2020

Unable to use, not authorized

Can't login to use. Not authorized by Google.

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