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VIKKI Dulavat

Feb 16, 2024



Ryan Cosgrove

Jan 30, 2024


Are you able to extract any metrics from the QR code?

Andrew Bristow

Jan 26, 2024

Do the QR codes expire?

Hi, Having used a previous QR code generator which I then added to a business card, I was then faced with a problem when the service expired. Can we be confident these will not expire?


Nov 17, 2023


Cream 🍨

Tyson Graaff

Aug 27, 2022

Simple scanner only extension request

Would be great if you made an extension that just scanned QR codes with URLs. You could click the toolbar button and it would open the scanner, hold up the paper with the code, click on a confirmation box to browse to the URL. As few clicks as possible. Would be amazing for automating paperwork in an office!

Dave Hooper

Oct 18, 2021

QR Code for Android

Is there an app for Android?

vitoria martins

Feb 19, 2021

não consigo colocar o QR Code

não sei como colocar o QR Code

Google apps