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Dominique Anberrée

Feb 28, 2022


can we type text ?

Reverend Doctor Wizard ďIsney (Dr. Disney Wizard)

Aug 30, 2021


Mixed English and Japanese in the shape of and made of red hearts
Users click the heart and a fixed set of paragraphs detailing the translation of the kanji I display on either side of the GR heart [I<3U] they may display in chrome as a search in google in complete text but firefox struggles to handle and presents nearest search results none of which are relevant. The heart QR code was designed as text for an instant answer so without any need for network connection no tracking was selected.

I use subdomains for entry points to rather wordy descriptive file names with date to compress like eleven character long URLs.can make for super small QR codes even better with tiny url choice and QR Code Chimp tracking in a 12x12 square!. Blow THAT up on a highway billboard for easy scanning at cruising speed. I'd wan't to know time of and trends of impressions to "Free Fries, download the app, BBQ Boy Next Exit" like I did with goog.le/analytics.

My question:
is there a way to present the text as a pop-up or otherwise indicate notepad or wordpad et al. for just a window of formatted text? Chrome on mobile concatenates paragraphs in the search field, and firefox on mobile displays search results, not the QR code text.

muhammad essa khan

Aug 14, 2021


no way

MKL Asansör

Jun 19, 2021

Do you plan to add Turkish language?

Hello, we are using your system, but it would be nice if it had Turkish language support, we would recommend it. Do you plan to add Turkish language?

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