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SheeIam Gwog

Jun 17, 2024


如題所示。您好,貴應用的開發者,因爲有時候想要批量保存影片頁面的QR Code以方便得閑時慢慢在手機上看,但保存的圖片只有碼而沒有其它額外信息,導致在手機上翻看卡片無的放矢。如果能夠加個選項,供用戶自行選擇,是否要保存碼圖的時候在圖片的上方加上網頁標題,圖片下方加上連結的原本全字串的話,會是一個極大提升使用體驗的功能點呢,可能應用場景會很廣汎。以上建議,感謝您的閲讀,也期待後續您的跟進。

Michelle Allen

Jun 10, 2024

Do your QR codes remain free and are they static or dynamic?

Do your QR codes remain free and are they static or dynamic? I created a QR code on another site but it's dynamic and I have to subscribe to have it work, I want a static one that is free and Chrome said that you all have it on the chrome web store. Please confirm.

Comas Montgomery Realty and Auction Company Inc

Jun 6, 2024

Tracking codes for QR Code

Hello is there a way to track how many people are scanning the link embedded in the QR codes generated? We have been placing these on our flyers for properties selling and would like to know how many people scan with their phone to go to our website.


Jun 4, 2024


屏幕尺寸,窗口尺寸: 任意
chrome版本: 125.0.6422.77(正式版本) (arm64)
操作系统版本:MacOs 14.5 (23F79)

lukas daniel

May 16, 2024

General question and clicks information

Hi, i wanna know if there's some way to get the info about the amount of scans of the QR code or relevant information about the clicks that the people did when they were on the web, i need that data to deal it :( let me know if there some way to get it, thanks.

Marcelo Palma

May 16, 2024

é possível alterar a url de um código qr?

é possível alterar a url de um código qr?

Cac B

May 12, 2024

能否让这个qr code 简洁一些,可以设置隐藏不常用的功能,或者显示

能否让这个qr code 简洁一些,可以设置隐藏不常用的功能,或者显示


Mar 26, 2024



Đào Bá Linh

Mar 2, 2024

No more context menu

Version: 10.3.5, the right click context menu is no longer working. I have it checked in advanced Features. still not work

Joe Halsell

Feb 29, 2024

History of QR codes that I have generated.

One of the codes that I generated has apparently expired adn I thought the one I generated for
was permanent. It does not look like it is working any more and would like to see the original source for it.

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