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평점 5.3천개

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Bringing together your devices, friends, and the things you care about.

Pushbullet is "the app you never knew you needed", according to CNET. Here's why: STAY CONNECTED • Conveniently send and receive SMS messages from your computer (requires Android) • Reply to messages from many popular apps including WhatsApp, Kik, and Facebook Messenger (requires Android) • Easily share links and files between your devices, or with friends NEVER MISS A NOTIFICATION • See all of your phone's notifications on your computer, including phone calls (requires Android) • Dismiss a notification on your computer and it goes away on your phone too • Use Pushbullet Channels to subscribe to timely notifications about things you care about SAVE TIME • Text from your computer using your keyboard instead of grabbing your phone • The easiest way to get a link or file onto your phone to open or share • Deal with notifications on your computer as they arrive "Pushbullet Is a Fantastic App Every Phone Should Have" - Gizmodo "TNW’s Apps of the Year: PushBullet for Android" - TNW ★ Secure: Protect your notifications and SMS with end-to-end encryption ★ Used by millions of people and counting ★ Translated into over a dozen languages by an awesome group of our own users See all the places Pushbullet is available: https://www.pushbullet.com/apps

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  • 버전
  • 업데이트됨
    2023년 3월 25일
  • 크기
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    언어 29개
  • 개발자
    PushBullet Inc
    5406 Wellington Cir McFarland, WI 53558 US
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