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Antonio Monteiro Ramos

May 9, 2024


desinstalei o PUSHBULLET como recuperar os arquivos

Shane Chung

May 5, 2024

I can't paste picture to pushbullet

I can't paste image from website to pushbullet. How to fix it?

Tom Weiland

Dec 9, 2023

Group RCS Messaging

Been a very happy Push Bullet paying "Pro" customer for many years. Product is a great time saver. Having an issue with Group RCS Messaging. When I create on my phone, everything works fine. PB returns with some weird return name and if I reply with PB there are some issues. Sounds like you need to do an update to support RCS better?

Dr srinivas

Nov 17, 2023

Notification banner not showing in google chrome afterMac Sonoma Upgrade

Recently upgraded my Mac to Sonoma, and now i am not getting notification banner on my chrome .
Pushbullet extension settings are correct.
i have also checked weather Focus mode is off , also notification settings in system preferences are also correct.
I am getting a notification count on the extension, however banner is not appearing as before.


Nov 3, 2023

Sms forward


Phát Trầm

Oct 29, 2023

Pushbullet stop working

The app stop push and reveice noti about 2 hours ago. Maybe it's issue cause some message can send and some can't. Please check it.

Radu Drăgan

Sep 4, 2023

Problem signing in with Chrome extension

Every time I try to sign in, the Chrome extension opens a page to my account, but the Chrome browser isn't on the list of devices... When I check the extension bar in Chrome, the Pushbullet one doesn't show that I'm signed in, but the button Sign in is there, as if I didn't even tried to connect...

Triaji Adisaputro

Sep 3, 2023

Cannot sign in to account

For some reason, I can no longer remain signed in on the chrome extension. When I click sign in, it takes me to a page where I can sign in using my google/facebook account. However, even after signing in there, the extension still asks me to sign in. I can sign in as normal on my phone.

Juel Salazar

Aug 31, 2023

App not working on my computer

can you please assist, i deleted off my computer to re-download, as was not working properly and tried everything else to fix issues of why not seeing text on my computer app. now i cant seem to find a way to re-download to get it back up and working. Is there anyone who can contact me to address steps to get it back up???


Jul 20, 2023

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