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Emer Natalio

Dec 10, 2021

Increase the number of uploaded graphics. Optimum pixel height and width of graphics for upload.

Hello Dev,
Great add on / extension!
Any way you can increase the uploaded graphics / photos to 9 or more?
4 is limiting.
Lastly, what is the optimum pixel height and width for any graphics / photos to display properly.

Thanks in advance for responding.

Best regards,

Ophelia Schwuchow

Nov 25, 2021

Private mode

Good afternoon!

I really appreciate your application, thanks for creating it. However, I wanted to propose improving the quality of the pictures in private mode. I only use the application in private mode as I don't want anyone to see my habit and to do lists, but I noticed that the image quality diminished very noticeably when I am in private mode.Could you maybe fix this in the future?

Have a great day,
Kind regards,

Reven Nath

Nov 10, 2021

Lost all the 1K+ words worth of notes and to-do list.

My laptop hanged and the purpose tab just show the default without any edits, no notes whatsoever, everything is deleted. Any way to retrieve it?

Shakil Shahadat

Apr 20, 2019

Data Loss

After restarting the computer, I lost all data. I didn't clean the cache.

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