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Atul Singh

Jan 4, 2018

Regarding Images off option in the articles

Could you please add image off/on option in this extension. Otherwise, it is very good extension and I really love it.

John R. Sowash

Nov 19, 2016

Perfect for Schools

Hi Andreas! Readability, an extension similar to Purify, has been discontinued. This was a very popular extension for K-12 schools. I think you could pick up a significant user base if you made a few changes to Purify and start marketing it to schools. Happy to help if you are interested! Hit me up on Google+ or Twitter (@jrsowash).

Ashish Bijalwan

Apr 25, 2016

Need keyboard shortcut


Purify is great for its intended purpose. Could you just add the option of keyboard shortcut for starting and closing Purify for any webpage. This would make it very useful.

Rodrigo Prates

Jun 1, 2015

Still working on it?

Hi mate, do you still working on it? I would like to use your engine to build something, but it doesn't seem to be working.

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