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Mark Mystery

Jan 25, 2022

The extension doesn't work anymore

I can still connect to the server normally, however the internet didn't work, i can't do anything because it said that i didn't connect to the internet

Jo Sosa

Sep 18, 2021

Jo Sosa's Gmail account

This website has blocked my email, or deleted it.

Anton Deklerk

Aug 3, 2020

Second phone Tablet

how do i get protected on my Phone Tablet as it shows it is valid for two devices. My Computer is now protected how will i enable my Phone Tablet.
Thank you.

Ben Stallard

Jun 29, 2019

Cannot login to account

I have checked my account over and over. I am providing the correct email and password to login but it simply tells me "Invalid Login Details" each time. I've even tried changing my password twice. No luck. My account has 1 proxy active but I cannot use it with this extension.

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