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dj vravo

Jun 10, 2023

dont open it all time show relode

please solve my essu as son as dont open it , when i click add to crom then showing relode all time

Van Nghia

Jun 7, 2023

Không sử dụng được

Tôi không sử dụng được

Александр Петров

Apr 7, 2022


Добавьте пожалуйста загрузку во фреймах.
А то получается, что сама страница загружается через прокси, а фреймы на ней, например с reCaptcha, делают запросы с моего IP и меня постоянно блокируют.

camika taylor

Sep 29, 2021


all option not available

Mark Thompsonn

Jun 6, 2021

Failed to add proxy for 5socks

How do I add socks5 proxy in this chrome I keep having error problem when trying to do it.

Sridhar Ayengar

Apr 9, 2021

Can't Save Settings`

I am adding a proxy IP in the interface and it won't save. Even if I simply refresh the interface, the IP and port disappears.

Florian B.

Feb 16, 2021

Bypass list

We can't add bypass list anymore ?

Sergey Zhemoitel

Feb 3, 2021

Please back exclude hosts

White list and blacklist, no worked is
Please back exclude hosts list

been bless

Jan 2, 2021

please i need help

i can't click on the space box provided

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 31, 2019

cant install proxy helper

cant install proxy helper

Google apps