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bol Zin

Jun 3, 2024


Welcome to Gboard clipboard, any text you copy will be saved here.

James Cook

Apr 22, 2024

Major Issue on Complex Sentence Feature

I was working through a client document, having it highlight complex paragraphs in "Improve Document" mode. I rewrote all of them (this was in Google Docs), select "Apply Changes" and it hung for at least 2 minutes.

When it finished, it replicated many paragraphs, inserted gibberish throughout the document, and rendered it useless. I lost valuable editing time.

I reset the document, loaded PWA again, and this time it said I had 31 complex paragraphs but would not highlight them.

There appears to be a major bug that cost me an hour of client time today. I don't like not trusting an app, especially one I paid hundreds for. Please tell me this will be fixed. This impacted my business.

FYI: Microsoft Edge, latest version.

Margie Peterson

Apr 22, 2024

My extension stopped working as of 4/22/24. It was working fine last evening on 4/21/24

What's the problem? I miss the feature.

chris berg

Apr 10, 2024

PWA not working on Mac as chrome extension

this has been working fine, now nothing; ive tried every thing i can find on line; verrrrrry frustrated with what was a great tool in the past

Vijendra Singh .Chaudhary

Mar 7, 2024

ProWritingAid, Premium NOT WORKING

I have recently bought Pro Writing Aid, Premium for one year. It worked for two days, while editing my script on google docs, and then it stopped working, saying the app has stopped for technical reasons and asking me to subscribe for google add-on . Why should the app stop working when I have subscribed and paid for one year ?

Jackie Krowen

Jan 29, 2024

not able to find in Substack?

I have the extension in chrome, I see how it works in writing email, it says it is available in Substack but when I am in a draft in substack there is nothing. What am I missing.

Robert Range (Rob)

Nov 28, 2023

Having issue with opening Improve Document and Summary report.

I am a premiere member and have been using the program for years with no problems. No its not working in the Improve Document or the Summary report on my laptop. I have uninstalled the program and reinstalled it more than once trying to get it to work. I use the Google Doc's extension. This is affecting productivity, help!

Rick Powell

Nov 28, 2023

PWA not working within Substack posts

It works on headlines but not in body text.

It looks like no one is monitoring this forum and there seems to be no other support option.

Josette Garcia

Nov 21, 2023

Potential new subscriber

I currently have an annual subscription to Grammarly, but I'm interested in trying out ProWriting Aid's lifetime subscription. If I decide to download the 14-day trial, when will I be charged? Additionally, if I decide not to continue with the lifetime subscription, will I need to request a refund? Can you also provide me with more details about the features of ProWriting Aid, such as whether it has sentence rewriting capabilities or text generation?

Maciej Chadała

Oct 4, 2023

Stopped working in Google Docs

The extension was great, but recently the login does not work. I have the premium on prowritingaid website, however I can't login to the extension. Deleting cookies did not help. Can you take a look at it?

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