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Justin Henry Wickramarathna

May 18, 2024

Buy Property & Get Citizen

Anyone Have Money to buy Property. Sure you can get Citizen. Canada is second largest Country in the World. Population only 40 Millions. Same close to bigger Country USA have 325 Millions Population. Why you buy house in Canada and not settle down.
Sri Lanka is tropical country. Around the Ocean. Beautiful Beaches. Very good income with who buy cortege. If you have citizen in Sri Lanka Good opportunity. (This is my web site offering to the World.) Buy House in Canada.

Richard Skinner

Nov 5, 2023

Port for Mobile

I use this extensively but would love an xpi version for FF - mostly because FF Mobile supports addons!!

Rajan Sharma

Dec 6, 2022

Does the Property Tracker app work on Apple products like the iPad?

Hello. Does the Property Tracker app work on Apple products like the iPad?

Leni Novakova

Oct 12, 2022

Installed Property Tracker extension but can't see it in browser

I downloaded and installed the Property Tracker. It shows in Extensions as installed but it doesn't show on the bar at the top in browser window. So at the moment it is useful as a chocolate teapot. Yes I already clear the cache etc..... to no avail.

Grateful for guidance how to show up - the icon in the browser window so it can be clicked on.

Many Thanks

Stephen Brown

Sep 27, 2021

presentation of the history of asking prices


Thanks for a great extension.
Would it be possible to have prices listed chronologically rather than monotonically in order of prices. If prices have moved up and down, the data shown is initially a little misleading. e.g. rightmove property #82400003 which started at one price, went down, and then went back up again.

Ashley Jellis

Jul 28, 2021

Scraping Terms of Use

Hi there - I really want to download this extension however I am abit scared of doing so as I believe it scrapes the property pages and I think this is against Rightmoves Terms of Use. Is this correct or am I ok to download?

tristan gordon

Jan 12, 2021

Property Price Tracking Over Years.

Hello. On rental properties that have been advertised previously, ie the year before, I notice PropertyTracker see's the previous years. Is PropertyTracker using the rightmove property id / number to do this? Thanks.

Osman Hashmi

Nov 23, 2020

Rightmove UI changes

Thanks for such a great extension. As you know since the Rightmove UI changes your fantastic plugin no longer works. Will the issue be possible to fix? If so I am sure many of us will be willing to contribute to the cost of repair.

Galen Han

Nov 20, 2020

Breaks with new UI

With the latest UI changes the extension sadly breaks.


Nov 18, 2020

Extension doesn't work in latest version of Chrome Version 86.0.4240.198

This extension is very useful. Unfortunately, it has stopped working in the last version of Chrome Version 86.0.4240.198.

Previous version work still correctly. Hope this can be fixed as it's one of the best extensions for property investors.

Thank you

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