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Prof. Carla Bissoni

May 13, 2024


Very good morning, my name is Carla and I am a teacher on English from Argentina.

I have been using the Google Forms for my classes but now I think I need someway to check my students' pronunciation online.

Can I check their pronunciation by using this tool on the google forms?

Hope to hear from you.

Thanks in advance.


Kimberly Norton

Sep 23, 2023

No longer works on New version of Chrome

This app will not work on the latest Chrome browser. Sigh.

Irene Joyce Paguio

Nov 26, 2021

Subject-verb agreement

Either white gold or yellow gold we're good for me

Pepe Carilla

Aug 27, 2017

fijar el idioma

Como puedo fijar el idioma. Cuando lo abro siempre sale english us

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