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Arthur Wahlstrøm Nesse

May 6, 2024

Not working

It seems like the domain has changed from to and that the new domain has not been added. (?)


May 3, 2024

Stopped working

Prompster stopped working. When I type "/", it no longer shows the box of prompts. It used to work perfectly. I already try to fix by updating Chrome, re-installing Propster. Any other suggestion? Thanks you.

Stef Harbers

Aug 26, 2023

Remove all Standard Prompts

Hey Lucas,

We've been using your prompster extension and it's working well for us. We're considering making it a standard for all employees using ChatGPT. One issue: we can't find a way to delete all the pre-loaded prompts in one go. We want to replace them with our custom prompts. How can we do this efficiently?


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