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Kevin Tamme

May 22, 2024

Regular Security Updates

This needs to have regular security updates to be able to be used by my organization. Please provide!!!

Teva Turner

Jan 29, 2024

I accidently removed prokeys extension and I need it back

I accidently removed prokeys extension from my computer and when I restored it everything was gone. Is there a way to get all of my snippets back?

Dora Mathurin

Sep 21, 2023

Lost Data

Where is the my prokey data stored?

Stacy Rose

May 5, 2023

prokeys displaying a symbol for ampersand

How can I have a snippet input the ampersand verses &

Example: Tolls & Citations, when I use the hot key and insert the snippet it , it displays Tolls & Citations.

Alicia Phipps

Apr 22, 2023

Pro Keys saved replies gone

I had to re-install google chrome and now I have lost all my pro keys saved replies

Collin Moore

Mar 14, 2023

ProKeys Crashed

My prokeys crashed and no one ever responds to my messages when I try to contact them.

Meng Jin Goy

Mar 12, 2023

function enquiry

can this app use hyperlink function?

Sebastian Flach

Feb 2, 2023

Very nice tool! Thank you. Are there statistics available?

I'd really like to see which snippets I used a lot and which ones I didn't.

Bisani Legal

Jan 1, 2023

Unable to use the function

After typing the snippet, i pressed shift + space but i am not able to get the text out.
Could you please tell me how to use it.

John Schoenthaler

Dec 20, 2022

Trying to use on my Desktop

Will not allow me to create any folders or snippets

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