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Ken Larson

May 22, 2020

Ability to paste numbers in...

Having to manually type in 64-bit numbers instead of pasting...

Jim Kleck

May 7, 2020

needs cut-n-paste

This is not much use to me without clipboard support, it has no cut-n-paste (at least when run on a Macbook), with cut-n-paste it would be a godsend as I can find no calculator that allows selection of word size and signed/unsigned and binary/hex/decimal. A bonus would be adding float as well as integer, and octal.

Cyril Courtiat (CyrIng)

Jul 20, 2019

Linux port

Do you think about porting your app to Linux/X11 ?

Mitch Condylis

Jul 10, 2017


I like the functionality.
Cut and paste don't seem to work with the app.

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