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Lola Philippart

Nov 14, 2021

Is the extension still working?

For a few months, I can't see the profitability rate in Harvest. Does the extension still working?

Bruno Muszynski

Sep 6, 2021

N/A extension not working

Hi there, the extension is no longer working for few months now. Are you guys planning on fixing it? Thanks for our help

Jodi Gaylard

Jun 8, 2021

N/A Please check you have Admin rights in Harvest

Hi, we are using the extension for Harvest and can no longer see our profitability. We see

Please check you have Admin rights in Harvest

We both have admin rights

Can you advise how we fix?


Jon Geldert

May 12, 2020

Does the Harvest Profitability Extension Support Projects with an Hours-Based Budget?

It seems like this only works for Fees-based budgets (Fees Per Task or Total Project Fees), not Hours-based budgets (Total Project Hours, Hours Per Task, or Hours Per Person). Is this analysis correct?

Jon Brown

Feb 21, 2019

Seems to be the cause of a harvest promo video playing in the background on project pages

This is as weird as it sounds. With this extension active and only this extension active, when I go to a project page like

I get the audio from a Harvest promo video from youtube playing in the background.

If I disable this extension, it goes away, re-enable it comes back. Again, this is the only extension active.

Console error goes away when it's deactivated too.

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