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373 ratings

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Hazim ElfellousMar 2, 2024

BRILLIANT. I really like this extension. Also the owl 😆.

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Er byJan 6, 2024

Edit: Changed to 1 star because of how invasive this extension is. I was loading data on a new site which I hadn't saved and the chrome extension was trying to force it to close no matter what. I ended up losing my data and unable to recover it. Very invasive and annoying when trying to incorporate in everyday life too. Pros: * Blocks unlimited sites * Sets time limits * Uses psychology to help you be more productive when you're distracted Cons: * Sets time limit for all sites, making you m... Show more

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Jayden PhamMay 8, 2023

I LOVE THIS !!!!!!

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Captain Pylon LegApr 3, 2023

Everything is good, although there should be an option to only block blacklisted websites. It is very annoying adding every single website to the allowed list.

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victor agbeoAug 5, 2022

Very helpful app that's a step above a pomodoro clock! It was a pleasure chatting it up with you at the library btw

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G MJul 21, 2022

I like the extension but it could be improved. I don't use the task or breaks option, I just want to reduce my useless screen time overall, even during my free time. However, sometimes I'll need to access social media for work-related purposes, and because it's blacklisted I have to unable the extension just to check it for a minute. I wish the "make an exception" option would actually work instead of just telling you "I make no exceptions".

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Rohan KayaniMay 23, 2022

This app saved my college. 10/10

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Francis BlondinApr 9, 2022

I give it 4 star because I'm thankful it was made, but unfortunately I won't be using it. It's too harsh for me. Please just add more options! Like the option to allow for more than 3 minutes of surfing on a non-white listed website. The option to use different time limits for different websites (say you want to be allowed 20 minutes of Facebook and 15 minutes of Youtube a day). And the option to have all websites be white-listed by default, except for those you specifically want to see be re... Show more

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Miranda CarterApr 6, 2022

I agree with other reviews criticizing the 3 minute timer for websites that aren't blocked but also aren't whitelisted. I have ADHD and really struggle with staying focused when it comes to reading so things will take me longer to find when doing research and constantly having to look at the countdown to see if the page needs a refresh does not let me focus fully on what I'm trying to read. Just a blacklist would've been preferred, sometimes I need to leave a page open for a long time but wil... Show more

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Liliana KahnJan 25, 2022

Overall the extension works and I like it expect for the fact that it closes tabs when I am not looking or am not on them. This can get pretty annoying when I am doing research or anything. I still use the timer and I can find the information I need within the time I have set on the timer. But for example I go back to my document and I still want to keep the research study around for referencing and copy paste, but the tab's timer keeps ticking and then in the background it closes. Could a op... Show more

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