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Liam Locklin

Oct 5, 2023

not doing anything at all on youtube

im not sure what exactly successful use of this is supposed to look like. i only wanted it for youtube, so i only left the invidious stuff checked. but theres no change when i go on youtube or open a video. no redirects at all, not even attempts. thought maybe my adblocker was interfering since youtube has a bunch of anti-adblock stuff so i disabled that, but no dice.

Ryan O

Nov 8, 2022

Uses outdated sites

Some sites are outdated and broken. nitter.vxempire for instance or libreddit

Emma Lyse

Jun 16, 2020

No Twitter graphical or video content

Add-on works great in Firefox 77.0.1 on Linux Mint 19 but no joy on 2 chrome derived browsers; Vivaldi 3.1.1929.34 and Brave Version 1.10.90 as twitter posts contain no graphical or video content at all (greyed out, cannot load).

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