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Amit Jha

Dec 29, 2017

Regarding blocking facility of Browser Settings

we want to disable permanently the default PasswordManagement feature for IE, Chrome and Firefox OR at-least have Admin Control. Can we do it using Privacy Guardr

shelley meyers

Sep 4, 2014

inappropriate apps

I'm not sure if this problem has anything to do with this extension or not- I disabled this and all other extensions from the Chrome web store after factory resetting this HP Pavilion 14 inch OS Chromebook 8 times (since purchasing this Nov 1, 2013), twice with the aide of Google, five times on my own, and once done by HP itself and still I am having major issues. The app I most recently had a problem with was "hang-outs" which is built into this from the start. Someone sent me a short video (it's all I can do not to give HIS NAME)of a couple having sex. I called Google and they told me there was nothing that they can do even though I provided his name and a screenshot. Where are the warnings concerning "hang-outs"? Then we got disconnected and although Google has my email address they never bothered with a follow-up. I have this Chromebook so what can I do when I can't get rid of GOOGLE ? I would not recommend a Chromebook or anything to do with Google to my worst enemy.Now I am fighting just to submit this !!

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