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Privacy Extension for WhatsApp Privacy

Hide messages, images, account profile on WhatsApp screen until you hover over them. The main purpose of this extension is to enhance privacy protection when using WhatsApp Web in public spaces. It automatically blurs your messages and other content, which will only be revealed when you hover your mouse cursor over them. This prevents others from peeking at your messages. Main Features ● Screen lock: The Lock Screen feature requires a password to access WhatsApp Web. Protect your privacy when you leave your computer. ● Message Blur: Automatically blurs your messages and other content (such as images, videos, etc.). ● Hover-to-Reveal: Content becomes clear when you hover your mouse cursor over the blurred content. ● Customizable Blurring: You can choose which elements to blur according to your needs. For example, you can choose to blur only message content, or also include contact information and chat lists. How to hide messages? You can toggle different settings on the WhatsApp privacy extension to meet your personal needs. Features ● Enable Screen Lock: Blur the entire screen; no information can be viewed without entering a password. ● All Messages in Chat: Blur all messages in the current chat. ● Latest Message Preview: Blur all message previews on the left side. ● Image and docs Preview: Blur all images, videos, stickers, etc., that are separated from the text. ● Image and docs Library: Blur all thumbnails of images, videos, etc., when viewing them. ● Text Input: Lighten the color of the input field to make it difficult to read. ● Profile Pictures: Blur all profile pictures. ● Group/User Names: Blur all group and user names. ● No Transition Delay: Allows you to disable the delay before items are shown on hover. ● Unblur on App Hover: Unblur all elements when you hover over the WhatsApp Web application. If you like Privacy Protector Plus for WA, show us more love with a nice review. It really helps. WhatsApp is a trademark of WhatsApp Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. WADesk is an independent project and has no relationship to WhatsApp or WhatsApp Inc.

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