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Feb 18, 2022

Chrome / edge extension

Hi! Any chances you will update it? Thanks!

Robert Simpson

Feb 20, 2021

after reading the comments, im wondering if this ext. still works before i download it?


Nicholas Cotter

Mar 19, 2018

Does not work

First time it showed me the green MyPermissions page, saying scanning apps... but nothing ever happened. I tried again and now get nothing but a blank page.

Chris Davis

Feb 20, 2018

99% CPU hog

The extension has become completely useless, on Chrome startup it clearly is malfunctioning with 99% - 100% cpu usage until I kill it. If I haven't noticed when walking away from the computer, it's still pegged hours later when I return.

A Chrome Web Store user

Jan 29, 2018

no web interface

I've after receiving a notifiction I notice there is no longer a web interface only links to iOS and Android apps, anyone else seeing this?


Nov 29, 2017

CPU usage

Since few weeks, when i plug-in my laptop's energy cable, this extension take 1 core of CPU until i kill it

This problem is really annoying, i disabled it

Guillaume Garcia

Nov 10, 2017

CPU problem and no results

Constant 20% CPU used and just showing a blank page when I'm trying to launch the service. Privacy Cleaner is broken

Thomas Roche

Nov 3, 2017

CPU usage

Started to use too much CPU resources (100%). Had to disable it.

Considering finding an alternative.

Ronald Anthonissen

Nov 2, 2017

High CPU usage

This extension started to use an awful lot of system resources lately, so i had to disable it

Regina Woodard

Dec 31, 2016

Not disconnecting anything

I began to try this extension based on the glowing review from Lifehacker and I'm kinda regretting it for the simple that - it's not doing anything.

It's listing 24 apps and I have been trying to disconnect 7 of them since I first installed it and nothing is happening. I've tried doing it in bulk and I've tried individually - nothing.

It says it's disconnecting, but there's no percentage (always at 0), even after several hours.

Do I need to download the actual program? Stupidly, I thought the plugin would do that job.

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