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Catherine Smith

Jul 12, 2024

Intermittently unusable

I installed this extension and after a few minutes of opening new tabs and editing, everything appeared completely blank and it became impossible to use Chrome. The problem persisted until I removed the extension.

Keerthi Sravan Ravi (K3)

Feb 23, 2024

UI glitches on dragging a task around on the screen (same as Avek Kumar Baruah)

Reposting for dev's attention:

1. Create some tasks under Today, This Week and This Month categories
2. Hold left-mouse over a task and try to drag it
Issue: The task moves away from under the cursor to another location on the screen

Taylor Disch

Mar 15, 2023

Accidentally Hit Clear All!

How do I recover the list under "this week" I just cleared ALL! eeeek!

Antonio Perez

Feb 20, 2023

Recover data

How to recover data?

Dre Jansen

Nov 5, 2021

how to open in edge,

how to open in edge, Icon directs to downloadsite,,,chrome websore. I have the chrome downloades, it finctions in chome, but not in edge what to do> which butten.where to activate?


Sep 16, 2021

Not working

Out of nowhere Prioritab has stopped showing when I open a new tab, and instead only shows a black screen. If I click around blindly I can edit my tasks but I can't see anything and I desperately need this fixed!

Tótszabó Tamás

Sep 6, 2021


Hello! I like this extension, but today it only shows a black background with no information. Can you help me?



Jun 24, 2021


include a weather display, just a nice feature that i thought of
-Change of font
i know you can change the font color, but making the font into a different style can change up the feel. For example a handwriting like font can bring a cozy feel
including a timer would make the tasks/to do option be more noticable and make the user do the task instead of forgetting them. This feature will work as a opinion when making a new task, if the user would like they will add the option and have a amount of time to complete the task. Possible sound effect or notification will pop up once over

Thank you for listening to my suggestions.

Mateus Baptista

Jan 5, 2021


ll be great if it have background like Momentum + UI like "Momentum Tab - #1 New Tab Customizer"

Udit Chandna

Oct 8, 2020

Could you make the to do trackers as collapsible

I generally have to share my screen as part of work. And Wouldnt wnat others to have a look at my tabs. If they were collapsible , this would ensure, onl I have access to it . Some may want to keep them in open state while a person like me would always prefer to keep it in collapsed state with the headers and actual To Do , only when I click on uncollapsed

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