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Jinkareddy Prasanna

Mar 22, 2024

social service

hi im reddy prasanna im start the youtube channel but im searching the job only work from home but im started the social service

Tseax River

Sep 30, 2023

Selecting Elements Not Working Anymore

I used to be able to select an element on a webpage (either for deletion before saving or for isolation for the same reason) easily: mouse hover, element is highlighted, click, done. Now when I click on a highlighted element, some sub-element flashes briefly then nothing. This happens repeatedly. One workaround, inconsistently effective, is to put the mouse cursor/arrow tip directly over the very edge of the element. It's the inconsistency of this fix that renders it consistently frustrating.


Mar 5, 2023

Where can we get an older version of this fabulous extension?

Recently I did a power wash of my old 32bit Chromebook. I cannot now download this fabulous extension because it has been updated and is now not compatible. Please where can we download the older 32bit version number 29.0, which worked greatly? Thx


Feb 8, 2023

reverse selection

for some reason when i select item then press delete it does the exact oppposite - it leaves me with just that item i selected.
am i being stupid??

Christine Smith

Jan 14, 2023

Only page One is displayed

On a web page (i.e. google android history) there are several entries I want to print. Opened Print Edit We and immediately went to Preview. One one page displayed. Went to stand print fuction on Brave Browser and it displayed two pages.

Before I remove the "broken" app extension (Chrome) and reinstall. I have been hacked badly hacked. I strongly believe that your software has been altered. Will you help me?

I would like to: 1)send you the code on my laptop, 2)reinstall app, 3) have you look over the code and let me know if anything was hacked.
Can you help me on your code?

Christine Smith
Widows 11 Home addition

Anto Suñña

Jan 3, 2023

Save to PDF option missing in Chrome Browser

In Chrome Browser, Save As PDF option is missing in Chrome Browser, instead it is replaced by Save As MHTML. In Firefox Browser, Save As PDF is nicely available.
Looking forward to have the Save As PDF. Thank you/

Chris Zarow

Oct 20, 2022

PrintWE stopped working

I have Print We installed on Brave Version 1.25.72 Chromium: 91.0.4472.101 (Official Build) (64-bit).
It has simply stopped working. I can use Ctrl-P to print but that is all.
No response to clicking the icon on the browser bar.
I use this all the time.
Please advise

Donny Silluana

Oct 5, 2022

PsychCentral article editing problem (

When editing a PsychCentral article page, a right vertical scrollbar appears and cannot be removed. As a result, printing can only display some of the initial content as long as it can fit one page.

Alyska Farnsworth

Aug 25, 2022


This happened so far on one particular page. Everytime I turn the extension on, the page I want to edit gets an error message "we are having problems loading. Please try again. with an image of an icecream cone. trying to print receipts and orders.

Christine Smith

Aug 16, 2022

Printing the page tied to a Link in the original page

How do I print a page that is tied to a link on the original page I'm printing? Example "...and paper costs can add up fast. If only there were a better way. "Tap or click" ...."" the Tap or Click would contain the URL. Allowing to print the URL at the same time print the main article.

BTW I've used your app for years. Just love it. Thank you

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