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Emanuele Renzoni

Aug 21, 2021


hi, i don't know if you know that but, your extension always try to download a trojan in my pc, please fix that

MJ Lyon

May 24, 2021

move not working

i try to watch movie withf riend. didnt work.

L Dauksa

Dec 10, 2020

Rented video support?

Does PV support rented Prime videos? The kind you pay $3 to rent for 48 hours from Prime.

Akshay Jain

Dec 3, 2020

do i need a amazon prime acc to see this?

pls tell me its urgent....

Monia Fioriello

Nov 6, 2020


Si può utilizzare questa funzione in italia?


Oct 17, 2020

font size

why cant i adjust the font size its too big

Sista Diaspora

Aug 27, 2020

availability in Europe?

Why is it not working in Europe?

Daniele Savo

Jul 13, 2020

here we go again

i had the same problem of the last time we don't see the film at the same time

Aamod Pant

Jul 4, 2020

Link not copying

Link is nit being copied

Ellis Center

Jun 30, 2020

Whats with the question mark.

every time I try to click the PV it only gives me a ?

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