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Feb 21, 2021


How can we donate? Love the app, been trying to find an option for prime videos for a while. Thank you for this!

Daniel Bridge (Dan)

Feb 1, 2021

It says refresh the page and try again problem with connection to server

It says refresh the page and try again problem with connection to server i have done this multiple times to no avail

L Dauksa

Dec 8, 2020

Rented movie support, Prime membership

Do all participants have to have a Prime account? We would like to watch a movie that we will need to rent. We will all individually spend the $3 to rent this movie (The Current War). Will this work? Thanks.

Emily Chouinard

Nov 25, 2020

Connection issues

When my friend and I try to host parties (on either end) we can't connect to the other's link. Instead, it just takes us to our own pages in our own individual parties. Are we doing something wrong? Following the hosted party link, and then clicking on the icon?

Henry Haile

Nov 13, 2020


Does every member of the party need to have bought the movie?

Guilherme Thomaz

Nov 9, 2020

The extension simply won't show when I open Prime Video

Hi, the extension is supposed to appear in the Chrome Bar when I open Prime Video, but it simply won't. Is there any country restriction? Does it work in Brazil? Because it doesn't matter what I do, the extension won't show when I open Prime Video.

Daniel Star

Oct 26, 2020

Party unable to view show

Trying to watch a Prime show with someone and they are following all the steps to join, it shows them as joining in the chat (more than once, "name" has joined 3 or four times in a row, then the chat will say they've left) but the link takes them to the PV home screen, not to the party with the show. The same issue occurs if I try to get in with them as host.Both of us are clicking the PP ext. icon when opening the party link.

Joy F

Oct 7, 2020

Purchased Movie

If you purchased a movie, can you have a watch party with someone using a different prime account?


Sep 27, 2020

Add option to hide chat

It would be nice to have the option to completely hide the chat. At the moment it stays slightly visible at all times.

Jordan Thompson

Aug 3, 2020

Other person having a delay

When I try and watch it with someone, they said they're like 4 seconds behind?

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