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Mar 28, 2024

как добавить много треков 1000 и более

как включить неограниченное количество треков.Как заплатить абонетскую плату

Maria Schmidt

Dec 25, 2023

Extension opens Chrome tabs without permission

Your extension constantly physically opens new tabs in my Chrome browser that contain the pages I'm tracking items on! They always open in the first tab position, then close on their own. Very creepy, please fix.

Yura Moshnin

Sep 22, 2023

Звуковое уведомление

Как включить громкое уведомление звуком об изменениях? Прям очень нужно! Не могу найти. Если нету, добавьте пожалуйста!

Jan Verner

Jul 24, 2023

2 missing things

Hi, really good extension but I'm missing 2 things.
- Tracking Interval is not syncing (I'm using 3 devices and on all of them setting 24h)
- I would like to set a "price window" when to ignore the price change. When something goes Up/Down from $150 to $151, it's irrelevant for me. I would like to set a "30" window and be notified only when It goes to $120 or $180.

dorian lefebvre

Jun 8, 2023

how to cancel the paid subscription?

how to cancel the paid subscription? I have sent you an email and I have no answer. I want to stop my paid subscription

jos van emmerik

Feb 23, 2023


Hello, since the latest update of google chrome i don't recieve notification anymore in windows. Could this be fixed? checked in multiple systems al have the same problem.

Ahmed Mehanna

Feb 19, 2023


كيف افعل صوت تنبيه الاشعارات ؟

Ivelina Yordanova

Nov 2, 2022

Pro version

It doesn't say anywhere if you can cancel your subscribtion at any time if you register for the paid version? Is it safe? You're site looks a bit scatchy...

Roberto Tomassetti

Oct 20, 2022

Amazon tracking

I can't track prices on Amazon items. How can I solve?

Christophe VARIN

Oct 12, 2022

S'abonner à Otsledit Pro !

Bonjour, je voudrais m'abonner au service payant mais je ne sais pas comment faire, pouvez vous m'aider ???

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