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Ige Micheal

Jun 29, 2024

old version of prestashop

I need prestashop aliexpress importer version 2.1.1

Ige Micheal

Jun 27, 2024

invalid store url

Warning: Authentication issue, please provide valid store URL . pls what can I do

fayçal Nassih

Dec 4, 2023

hello how do i import product to prestashop

hello i didn't manage to import product to prestashop. i got the blue icone in the top right corner of chrome but on aliexpress product page i have no link or button to import.


Jun 29, 2023


Nao esta masi importando os produtos para o prestashop, desde a ultima atualizaçao do aliexpress.

Gerardus Ronald

Jan 17, 2023

Can't connect to ali express anymore

First of al i cant connect to ali express anymore to upload products secondly the items we allready uploaded dont update the qaunteties any more and stay all on zero

Main Event

Dec 20, 2022

Doesnot work.

Will not import products.

Benton Tsang

Nov 10, 2022

Product mapping missing images


Lately when we use the "Create Product In Catalog" feature the product's images are missing. When I check the browser console it shows a 403 error.
(Also for your information, the image url is<Category>/<the-product-name>.jpg)

Also, should the importer supposed to put the product in it's corresponded category? When we import a product it always in the default category (ie: Home). Even tho we checked all the categories in "Associated Categories".


Main Event

Nov 2, 2022

Prestashop AliExpress Importer

Doesnot work.. Fail to connect to AliExpress website to import product

Eric Bridoux Yatie

Oct 3, 2022

Blue icon not appearing


The issue I am having is that after adding the extension the blue icon is not appearing on the product page. It will appear blue on the extension bar for but greyed out on and the site will go from .com to .us everytime i click a product for some reasons that i do not know.
is the extension only works for is there anything that I failed to do in the process?

NB: I already bought the module for prestashop.

Thank you in advance

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