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A Chrome Web Store user

Feb 23, 2018


Dear Madam
u r extension is very super....pls add the small reminder sound ...pls do the need full..
because our system is going in screen saver mode that notification is not seeing possible ...

Aimee Machele

Jan 9, 2018

Won't work

"Could not move extension directory into profile."

Why won't it allow me to download?

Aurora Bowery

Jan 13, 2017

Turning it off

Is there any way to turn off the extension?
I find it very helpful when I am working but it is distracting when I am watching a movie

Judy Lin

Jul 13, 2015


When will you release the newest version of Praxis? I have been using this app daily, and I hope there will be new features and/or poses!! 10/10 as is, but an update would be BOMB.


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