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Hank Huang

Jun 10, 2016

tab through results

It'd be wonderful if we can tab through the selection down at the results box. Tab to move forward and reverse tab (shift + tab) to move backward without having to touch the arrow keys.

David Roche

Jan 15, 2016

Idea: multi-term substring search

It would be great if searching for "foo bar" found any tab titles with "foo" or "bar" in any order, rather than looking for the exact string "foo bar". Basically, treat spaces as starting a new search term.

Similarly, I love how typing "foo" finds all instances of "foo" as a substring ... it would be great if this feature did the same ... letting you type arbitrary space-separated substring snippets, and and finding all titles that contain all of them.

Chris Waterguy

Sep 2, 2015

Update description for Windows

I just read your answer, "Go to chrome:extensions and click the Keyboard Shortcuts link at the bottom. Set a shortcut."

I suggest adding this to the description. If I were a less patient patient, or not happened to find this, I might have just left a 1 star review and uninstalled.

Now I look forward to trying it :).

Nathan Beach

Mar 2, 2015

Any way to customize keyboard shortcut?

How can I change the keyboard shortcut that triggers PowerSwitch?

I often use Cmd+K to generate a hyperlink when using Google Docs and Gmail. But PowerSwitch conflicts with that keyboard shortcut.

I just discovered PowerSwitch today, and I absolutely love it so far! Thank you!

A Chrome Web Store user

Mar 26, 2014

will not work

installed power switch, tried crl + k & i only get a question mark in address bar. tried repeatedly to install & uninstall.
still does not work.

any idea as to why this is?

S Ira Grossman

Oct 24, 2013

Not working

I press control K and all that happens is a question mark "?" shows up in my address bar.

Or Schiro

Oct 13, 2013

Default keyboard shortcut not working on Linux

The default keyboard shortcut is not working on Linux. I had to change it to a custom shortcut in chrome:extensions.

Peter Fraenkel

Sep 23, 2013

9.21 release seems to be broken on mac

Hi -
This was working great for me until I relaunched chrome today (on macos). Now, %-k does nothing, the icon no longer displays, and there are no configurable options.
I'd be glad to test a fix for you.

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