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Dec 6, 2023

Donwnloads don't work at all,

As the title says, it doesn't work, even with it's requirements.
"failed to download, status code: 0
An error occurred while downloading, the status code is 0, and the request was unsuccessful. Possible reasons:

1. The remaining space of the system disk may be insufficient (usually C drive)(it is recommended that the remaining space be greater than 4GB). Please try to clear the system disk space, and then restart the browser to continue the unfinished download.

2. Network error. It may be a problem caused by a network proxy.

3. You can try to restart the browser, or disable and re-enable the extension, and refresh the tab."

Everyday Aden

Jul 7, 2023

How do I download all bookmarks in order from when I bookmarked them?

Hi, I just finished crawling all of my Pixiv Bookmarks and I'm trying to download all of them in the same order as when I bookmarked them so when I view the folder everything is the same as it is on Pixiv when I sort by date in file explorer. I tried tweeking the download order settings but it doesn't seem to do anything and all the downloads are out of order. Is there any way to fix this?


Jun 16, 2023

Naming rule problem

when downloading, i have it so it's {page_title}_{id}, but now, it doesn't do that now and gives me a bunch of garbled mess. Tells me to disable other extensions that have download capabilities but i already did, uninstall, refresh Pixiv, it keeps doing it.

Vince Wilson

May 25, 2023

doesn't work

not working, luckily i found one that works


May 14, 2023


命名規則を {user_id}_{user}/{id}_{title} で設定しており、フォルダは問題無く作成されるのですが、ファイルが id_p0_title といったように、IDとタイトルの間にページ数が入ってしまいます。これは仕様でしょうか?
出来れば id_title_p0 のように、ページ数は最後にもっていきたいのですが、現状の仕様で可能でしたら教えていただきたいです。

Sute Nama

May 14, 2023




Jan 12, 2023




Dec 24, 2022




Dec 16, 2022

Manifest V3

Hello, I was wondering if this extension will get an update from manifest V2 to manifest V3 as the former will no longer be supported by Chrome in the future.


Clifford Cleetus

Dec 10, 2022

Crawling question

Hi, is it possible to crawl from oldest illustration to newest? Currently it will download the latest images first but I prefer it the other way around for sorting.

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