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Pouch - Automatic Coupons at Checkout

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Barbara Parker

Apr 8, 2022

Irritating banner

When I use, I get an irritating Pouch banner every time I change the page. How do I get rid of it.

Halima Sahdia

Dec 17, 2021

Please help

Hi I can’t pin pouch on my iPad on Google chrome

Ruby Burns

Apr 29, 2021


i cant get it on my computer

Elizabeth Harrison

Mar 25, 2021

no sucess

I keep using the service but get messages that the info is out of date , for me its a waste of time and I want to get rid of it

Elizabeth Harrison

Jan 5, 2021

delete pouch

how do I delete pouch, cant find any information

Elizabeth Harrison

Jan 5, 2021


Please please please tell me how to delete this website, never got a discount , just want rid of it

Conrad Lehman

Nov 11, 2020

what does it do?

I aquired the extension months ago, but have not heard a thing.

Zena Lewis

Oct 22, 2020

refer a friend

Is it possible to refer a friend and get a reward ?

Irem Yilmaz

May 12, 2020

Confirmation email request

I downloaded pouch extension however have not received a welcome email. Please could you send me a welcome email Thank you

Jan Jacobsen

Mar 29, 2020

Members / Retailers / Brands

Where do I find a list of the Members / Retailers / Brands that is a member of Pouch -
like which airlines, which hotel booking etc.

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