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Barbara Decker

May 3, 2022


I received reminders all day on the day I installed the extension & now, day 2, I am only receiving the 'get up & walk' reminders, which come along much less frequently than the ones that tell me to 'straighten up.' I already have an app. to get me up & moving throughout the day so I don't even need the walking reminders from postureminder. I need the 'straighten up' reminders.

Sharon E

Mar 8, 2021

On screen display NOT WORKING!!

The display for this app is NOT working!!!! Please fix this!!!! It is NEEDED!!!!!!

Sharon E

Mar 4, 2021

Pop up NOT working!

I get all the sounds BUT NO DISPLAY!!!! from reading the reviews this is a common problem!!! PLEASE address this issue. I really like this when it works correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!!

julie anne calibo

Dec 26, 2020

Pop up not working

I can only hear the notif sound but no pop up message on screen. How can I address this issue? Thanks!

Petr Laškevič

Dec 18, 2020

Why isn't your extension availible on

In your source code you have several comments related to Firefox compatibility, why don't you release it for Firefox?


Jul 23, 2020

Turkish Language Support

Hi, if you want, i can translate to turkish. i love it.

Nehir Yılmaz

Jul 18, 2020

No pop-up notification

Hello, i do not seem to be able to get the pop-ups. I get the sound alarm when i turn that on, so the extension is definitely working but the pop-ups aren't. Do I need to allow something maybe?
Thanks in advance :)

Rico Stapel

Jun 17, 2020

Would love it on Firefox

Hey, The change history states compatibility with firefox but I didn't find a way how to add it. Could you please let me know?

carol jackson

Jun 1, 2020

Pop up vs sound

Hi there, my sound only is working although I've requested the pop up in settings - please advise - many thanks


May 12, 2020

What do you think about the translate?

Hi, the extension is just great. What do you think about translating reminders into other languages? I could translate it into Russian, so it will be easier to perceive the information

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