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Naveena KhattriJan 27, 2024

Prompt and attentive customer service, thank you so much.

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The ToleOct 12, 2023

From the start, there was a problem with my PosherVA account. The extension offers a customer service chat. I've entered and sent my messages on chat for 4 days now. There has been no response to any of my messages. Not all the features work with some Chrome extensions. All I can do with this app extension is share my closet. I don't recommend this tool until they can get me some timely help and offer more features that work.

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AWildBirdLoverApr 10, 2023

After using PosherVA I went from Poshmark being the lowest of all the platforms in sales to the highest. Sure, you can self share, but if you are like me, you often forget, get sidetracked, etc. PosherVA lets me schedule them to run every hour. I can use their delist/list feature to relist anything older than 60 days and that has helped make more sales. The auto follow and share is also a great tool. There is so much to love about this tool. It is worth the cost every month!

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Deb’s CollectionsMar 29, 2023

This App has made a great difference in freeing up my time; it is truly an assistant of sorts. Hmm small thing but the grammar could be corrected. I put it in the category of being AI that wrote out some of the communications. It made me wonder if it was a spam/scam page at first when reading the free trial info. The app has been a good addition overall.

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Alex from PosherVADeveloperMar 29, 2023

Thanks for your feedback. We are working on improvements. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need help.

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Jaclyn RoseMar 15, 2023

For a long time I scoffed at the need for Posher VA with Poshmark's bulk sharing but finally caved and did the free trial. Holy cow! It's the best thing to happen to my reselling business. It automates so much for me and gives me back so much time. I'm a believer and my sales are my proof.

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Michell EnglishMar 14, 2023

I have been selling on Poshmark for the past year. Sales were good at first. They were ok when I had the time to sit on Poshmark all day. I decided to give the free trial a try. It really blew my mind!! Not sure why I didn't try this sooner! My sales have dramatically jumped from one sale here and there to an average of at least one sale a day. I am so excited to get to my 'death pile' as you call it and get to listing more and more!! I can't wait to wake up every morning and see what I sold ... Show more

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Toad EvergreenMar 14, 2023

They need to hire someone to edit their writing correspondences both on their website how-to pages and in the pop-up extension itself. The grammar and spelling is egregious and for the monthly subscription price I would expect something more professional. The only reason I am continuing to use it is because of the bulk Price Drop feature. Vital improvements to this app that would make it worth the monthly subscription price in my opinion are: the ability to schedule all actions in the app: of... Show more

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Alex from PosherVADeveloperMar 14, 2023

Hello Toad, thank you for sharing your review. We are continuously working on improving and adding new features. Feel free to contact us directly, and we will be able to provide a better estimation for an option that you asked for.

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Shannon Heath-WilsonMar 7, 2023

Excellent extension. Easy to use and I've seen a jump in business.

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Victoria Cortazzo-MatthewsMar 6, 2023

This extension is great! It would be much more difficult to operate my reselling business without it. Hopefully a mobile version is in in the works?

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Allyson EdwardsMar 1, 2023

I've been reselling on eBay alone for several years. I tried Posh a couple of times but I personally felt that I didn't have the time it requires for engaging in order to be successful. I saw a TikTok about PosherVA and decided to give it a shot. I hit Ambassador status SO quick and the orders started coming in! I ABSOLUTELY love this extension!!!!!!! I can't put enough "!" !!!

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