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KD MMar 30, 2024

Love and will continue to pay my subscription fees. It's a no brainer, try to do the work alone or Pay a low monthly/ yearly fee and have the help of what feels like 30+ assistants (our opinion but there's no way we are alone). . Full time Reseller here, and I couldn't thank you enough for consistently evolving and staying abreast to the many changes Posh has had over the years. Thank you Jordan for not only updating often but for also updating with relevant features that Seller... Show more

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Jordan HampFeb 11, 2024

Getting hammered by capcha and unable to share msgs after the bot attempts to share on poshmark canada Only using full automation mode on feed page, speed on sharing settings is always on slow or sloth. Only got 800 shares done before it broke

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Closet ToolsDeveloperFeb 13, 2024

Sorry about the captchas - too many closets abuse Closet Tools and it drains the captcha solving account quickly (I pay for all of it). Will be fixed soon. Full Automation speeds are determined by the number of shares you do in a day. If you do 10,000 shares in a day, it will go faster. If you do 1000 shares in a day, it will go slower. It spreads them out across the day. The "share speed" settings don't change full automation. I am working on an app update that will make this more clear. I see you sent me one email two years ago, but shoot me an email next time before leaving a review and I'd gladly help you get it sorted.

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Chirag gJan 27, 2024

⚠️ Beware! Even if you cancel the trial, they still charge you. Attempted a refund, but no response from support. Exercise caution before installing.

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Closet ToolsDeveloperJan 27, 2024

100% false. I submitted your refund. It takes up to 10 days to arrive. Please delete this 1 star review, as it does not pertain to the usefulness or quality of the application.

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Mike HDec 17, 2023

hello, I am having the exact same issue with Closet Tools, it stops sharing on Poshmark and asks to solve the captcha a zillion times, very frustrating. I'm also in Canada and not getting any response from Jordan. Today it seems to have disappeared from my screen on Poshmark. Its also been about 3 weeks this problem has been happening as I waste time and money on this. What's going on?

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Closet ToolsDeveloperDec 18, 2023

Sorry about the issue. Poshmark made an update on the Canadian site this past weekend and I should be able to fix it this week. I didn't realize it was a Canadian specific issue (I thought it was just one-off issues with CAPTCHA solving). I would appreciate it if you removed the one-star review, as it's not a true reflection of the app, it's a temporary issue.

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Perri NanceAug 25, 2022

I have been using Closet Tools for well over a year. Jordan has just started an automation program where the closet will run, send offers, share and much more on its own. Jordan is always available for any concerns you have. He also has several tutorial YouTube videos to help with getting to know the extension. I highly recommend Closet Tools, it has saved me time and has helped with my daily sales.

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Brenda CordovaAug 25, 2022

I would like to start by saying, Closet Tools has been extremely helpful with my business success. The App is AMAZING! It's user friendly and saves me valuable time everyday by continuously sharing my closet. Since the first day I started using Closet tools, I notice an immediate sales volume and have been gaining more followers every single day. I am very pleased with Closet Tools and highly recommend, Definitely a 5 star App

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Kay EnglesAug 24, 2022

Closet tools is wonderful, it makes my life as a reseller so much easier and I know that I can always count on Jordan to answer any questions or concerns that I might have quickly and seamlessly. Thank you so much Jordan!!

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Madnls TreasureAug 24, 2022

I love the full automation tools and the customization options. Fantastic work and unbelievably helpful!!!!!!!!! Very happy! 👍😊

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Zenaida FirrincieliJul 11, 2022

I have been using Closet Tools for just over a month. The program works great and has saved me a lot of time while increasing my followers. The team is always very responsive to questions and is available to help. I highly recommend the program.

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Biking AdventuresMay 1, 2022

7 day trial which requires a credit card. SCAM. dont even bother. makes tons of claims under the guise of 'free'.

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Closet ToolsDeveloperMay 3, 2022

Hey! The free trial is completely free and very easy to cancel if you want to. You could easily make the cost of the monthly subscription in the first day using the tool. Maybe you should try it before you review it?

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