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Mar 14, 2024

It's so confusing to use

Sometimes, it just switches the tab without showing the popup and othertimes, it shows a bar moving along the bottom of the tab and when it gets the end, it selects that tab. WHY? Just show the tab switcher.

m m

Jul 19, 2023

it loops and doesn't go to the next tab (no more than the max number of tabs shown in the settings) )

if the maximum number of tabs is 5 for example and I press alt+y , it goes down to the next option and then the next one again until it loops and goes back to tab1 again after 5 clicks

Can it go to the 6th tab if I click again?

thanks in advance :)

Vsevolod Zhoha

Jun 18, 2023


I can't find a shortcut settings in Chrome for MacOS. Is it supported?

Aubrey Walker

Mar 16, 2022

Regarding switch to used open tab

Thank you so much for this extension. question, is there any way to set for the last open used tab in chrome to open only within that set of windows? When I close a tab, it would be awesome if it could open the last used tab in the existing set tabs in the windows as opposed to switching to another windows where tab was used. Does that make sense? Thank you


Nov 23, 2020

retrouver l'ancienne version de facebook

je n'arrive pas à travailler avec la nouvelle version facebook

Elias Menezes dos santos

Nov 20, 2020



Eralp Narman

Oct 25, 2020

Auto Switching Timeout

Is there a way to turn off the Auto Switching Timeout? It really bothers me, I set it up to 0 It's faster, I set it up to 9 kajillion it slows down but eventually in the middle of my work it turns back to recent tab.

I really want to use this extension without auto switching timeout

EllyzaMarie Jumalon

Apr 30, 2020


cant download window 10

Gleb A

Jan 17, 2020

Список не обновляется, пока не перейдёшь на вкладку

1. Когда открываешь новую вкладку без перехода на неё.
2. Когда открываешь вкладку в полном экране.

Не получится перейти через расширение, пока не перейдёшь на неё вручную. Стандартным переходом всё работает. Особенно актуально для полного экрана — вкладки-то не видно.

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