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Catalin Popescu

Feb 5, 2024

Options menu is flickering and I lose all my options when I clean my pc of junk files

When I access in options the ui and control tabs the menu is flickering and it's very hard to modify options. Please fix this. Also whenever I use ccleaner or wise care365 to clean my pc of junk files the options I put in your app reset to default. Please fix this too. Thank you very much.


Jan 11, 2024

Logos are gone

Hello, I'm using this on Opera browser but since the last update the website logos/icons don't show anymore. Hope you being them back. Thank you.


Jul 18, 2023

Sort by name doesn't work

Hi there, great extension this should be the default Chrome Bookmarks style! One thing though, the sort by name function doesn't work. please fix it

Tom Martin

Mar 13, 2023

Search Enhancement (optionally do not search subfolders)

I want to organize my bookmarks by searching only the Bookmarks Bar folder and then moving many of them into subfolders. Currently Chrome's manager seems my best option as it shows everything in the next-to-last grouping (just above Other Bookmarks). But that still requires figuring out where the ones in the primary (BB) folder begin and end. I'm sure many people would have a use for this as it's a very basic function (although perhaps not so easy to implement).

m r

Dec 21, 2022

Options interface

The best way I can describe it is the General tab and Control tab interfaces "shake/wobble". The UI tab does not.

As such, some of the settings cannot be accessed.

I'd also like to suggest "bold" option for the fonts.

Oren Yehezqel

Oct 15, 2022

Please add an option to open Recently Visited in a new tab.

Please add an option to open Recently Open in a new tab.

This Extension is really good!

Thank you


Dec 30, 2021

PmB for Firefox

LUV PmB on Edge & Chrome.
Really miss PmB on Firefox

Joseph Rebele

Jun 24, 2021

Sync Across Devices


Does Pop-Up Bookmark have the ability to sync across devices? LOVE the extension! Been using it for years!



Feb 25, 2021

bookmark layout changed

hello, i just downloaded this extension and it immediately shuffled my bookmarks in a really weird way. i have a ton of bookmarks and i really do not want this, so i uninstalled. nothing changed. please help, is there any way i can undo what happened?

vit vom

Feb 14, 2021

Panel-Long Length Control

I'm using it really well.

---- Suggestion -----
Suggestion of adding a longitudinal length control function.
We need height adjustment.

Thank you.

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