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Scott Herman

Sep 15, 2021

Multiple Name Error

For some reason when I copy and paste some of my lists from excel into the multiple name tab they wont load, but most classes load without issue. In once case I shortened a student's name and it fixed it but that isn't working on my last class to input.

Rebecca Williams

Dec 26, 2020

Upload Roster

How can I upload a class roster without having to type in 118 individual names? It looks like it gives an option to upload as a JSON file, but what is that? Could there be an option to upload from PDF?

Fredlyne Paul

Sep 9, 2020


What formats can I use to upload classes?

Anthony DiEmidio

Jan 30, 2020

upload students

What type of files can I use to upload my data, and what format must it be in?

Rhonda Terry

Aug 29, 2019

Popsicle sticks saving lists

Does Popsicle Sticks have a feature where I can remove student names, but reinstate them later without retyping the entire class list? For Example: I use real popsicle sticks to choose the "In Tune" Student of the Day. Once chosen, the stick is removed. When all sticks have been chosen, I put all the sticks back in the cup and start over again.

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