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Kevin Verm

Nov 11, 2022

I seem to remember a hotkey?

Didn't this used to have a hotkey combo that popped the window out and then back in if you hit it again?
It was like command "0" maybe?
Has that been disabled?

Daniel Phillips (dphill11)

Jan 22, 2018


1. Always On Top
2. Restore window from Popout

Chris Whitcoe

Jun 2, 2017

won't work in incognito

no response when i click the button in Incognito mode... yes, I have the it enabled for incognito

Jj H

Jul 19, 2016


is there any way to restore the pages back to tabs?

Vlad COM

Nov 24, 2014

Incognito crashes Chrome

Crashes all of Chrome when attempting to use this on an incognito window.

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