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5.3K ratings

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Nombrado, Lara FayeJan 2, 2024

Bring back the old Ponyhoof :'(( I just came back to use it again after 6 years and it changed (negatively). I don't enjoy the plain background with their cutie mark. I want the beautiful view of Ponyville or Cloudsdale in the background or at least see the characters OR EVEN THEM IN THE REACTS BUTTONS T-T

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Max le Fou (ButtBadger)Sep 29, 2023

This plugin was the 2010s... Now all what it does is changing some colors on Facebook... I miss the old times :(

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Diego VerásteguiMar 2, 2023

Is this thing still functional? Becasue it doesn't seem to be...

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Derpy Hooves (L.F.)Jul 5, 2022

I like ponies running around my screen but for now it doesn't work. #MLPLoveFriendship

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Péťa RyšaváOct 19, 2021

5 years in a row!

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TopSecretStudioMar 6, 2020

I just love this so much! Pinkie Pie made me feel less lonely :)

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大宮忍Nov 25, 2018

Lovely addition rather than the Facebook default theme. It would be nice to auto disable ponyhoof on as it doesn't work properly on that site.

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Lorella PhillipsNov 14, 2018

I have been using Ponyhoof since it came out.. I love it. But, lately, I have noticed that it is stuck on the Rarity theme. It used to switch to a different pony every time the page was refreshed. I don't want to go back to the normal FaceBook theme. Help!

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EggrollSep 23, 2018

10/10 its really well made and makes you feel as if you really are in equestria!

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Daniela J.Aug 2, 2018

Been using this theme changer since it came out! However one thing I'd always liked to have the option to do is remove the brony lingo (ie broohoof, trough, whinny, etc.) as it kiiiiinda gets confusing after I switch back ^ forth from the vanilla FB app :) EDIT: unless there already is a way (not talking about the emojis) then I can't exactly figure it out oopsie

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